LIMITED EDITION Neuron All-Over Print Zip-Up Hoodie **6-8 WEEK SHIPPING**


Customer service email:

***MADE TO ORDER. Please allow 6-8 weeks for all-over print designs to be delivered.***



Rings of Saturn Limited Edition All-Over Print Zip-Up Hoodie featuring a brain detail section on the extended album art from their fourth full length album entitled Ultu Ulla.

The graphic is printed on the fabric first, then cut and sewn together to ensure the highest quality all-over print leaving no blank areas around the seams.



***Mockup is based on size Small. Images may appear smaller on larger shirts, but all images are at least 17 inches tall.***

***Disclaimer: If ordering this item internationally you are solely responsible for paying any custom fees your country may charge. If you don't pay these fees your item could be sent back without a refund.***